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Case Study

CARE Proves the Value of Post-Launch Support

Mediacurrent’s on-demand Drupal support team completes the vision for


Finding Support

Prior to working with Mediacurrent, CARE adopted Drupal for their new site. The deliverable was a significant improvement but they still needed a partner with a high degree of Drupal expertise for ongoing support and strategy. They sought a post-launch support partner who could meet the following criteria:

  • A well-rounded developer team with high-level Drupal expertise  

  • Sufficient bandwidth to provide on-demand support

  • Cost-efficient services

Mediacurrent rose to the challenge as a strategic partner who understood their business goals. 

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    Video Interview

    For a closer look at CARE’s experience, we spoke with CARE’s own Manager of Web Development, Ken Bess and User Experience Manager, Dan Fava.

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    We needed someone to go to for long-term support to take our website to the next level. Rather than, "just us give us your tasks, and we’ll knock it out," [Mediacurrent] said, "let’s partner and figure out the best long-term strategy."

    Dan Fava

    User Experience Manager at CARE

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    Social Sharing and Speedy Site Search 

    Mediacurrent made the site’s Twitter and Facebook widgets more CMS-friendly. JavaScript was being used to adjust the output of a display suite custom field; reusable tokens were developed to provide a social media campaign with the correct information.

    The Search API and Facet API modules were implemented to add a high-performance search engine to the site, enabling administrators to search and find content within the Content Management System (CMS).



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    A Better Way to Blog 

    The Migrate Module moved posts onto from a costly third-party platform to a Drupal blog, creating a one-stop platform for content publishing with significant cost savings and improved SEO. Several improvements around content publishing like editable section headers and improved content sorting empower non-technical editors to publish content. 

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    Final Thoughts

    As an international non-profit, CARE relies strongly on their web presence to advocate for humanitarian relief efforts through fundraising and awareness campaigns. From priority bug fixes to strategic site development, Mediacurrent is helping to share the CARE story in an impactful way.