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Case Study Moves to Drupal

Mediacurrent transformed with a stable platform primed for future growth, fluid UX, and a digital strategy road map for brand expansion. 


Project Highlights is redefining travel commerce for the $8 trillion global travel and tourism industry. With Mediacurrent’s expert guidance, the new website has unlocked a new era of growth for Travelport. Streamlined analytics reporting with goal tracking and custom dashboards give Travelport a clear window to measure their website ROI.

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    Increase in average session duration

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    Increase in the number of pages visited per session

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    Bounce rates decreased by more than half

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The Open Source Advantage

Travelport moved from a proprietary platform to open source software, Drupal, citing these key advantages: 

  • Proven success at the enterprise level
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Ease of use for non-technical content editors
  • Search engine optimization capabilities
  • No software costs or licensing fees

Digital Strategy

UX and Content Strategy

One of Travelport’s overarching goals was to present clear and effective articulation of their brand, products, and services on the site.

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Content Strategy: A 360-Degree Approach

Mediacurrent’s Digital Strategy team helped to develop and guide Travelport’s content strategy throughout the wireframing, design, and build phases of the project. 

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Targeted Content

User persona profiles became the touchstone of Travelport’s marketing strategy, directing calls to action and conversion paths and providing greater depth and context to their target audience segmentation. 

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Increased Form Conversions

We consolidated multiple forms into one global "contact us” form, streamlining processes by using a custom script to set up an email routing system that directs inbound forms to the appropriate department. 

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Travelport had to launch the new website in six months, so we were looking for an agency who could scale up quickly. Mediacurrent had the skills, the people, and the desire to do that. Mediacurrent’s track record with other companies and the trusted relationships we saw with other partners were key to us selecting them.

Noel Holmes

VP, Customer Experience

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Award-Winning Structure and Navigation

Travelport’s new navigation design features streamlined click paths and clear-cut search options, garnering W³ Award recognition for its best-in-class information architecture. Mobile responsive design, a new sitemap, and keyword-rich page titles and meta descriptions served to boost SEO and drive traffic. 

Design and Theming

Living Style Guide

A living style guide provided an easy way to view code and represent the codebase as a UI component toolkit. Mediacurrent first established the markup and theme for pages so it could be seen earlier in the project, and Drupal could be made to output content into the established markup formats. This way, browser compatibility and accessibility testing could begin early in the development cycle.


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Final Thoughts

Prepared for a Digital Future

Travelport embraced Drupal’s highly customizable platform and freedom from the initial and ongoing license fees of their legacy proprietary software. The end result is a website that stands out from the competition by combining the flexibility of Drupal with a forward thinking digital strategy.