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Introducing Open Waters - A New Podcast for Strategic Marketing with Open Source

June 17, 2019

open waters

Mediacurrent is proud to announce the launch of our new podcast with the release of our pilot episode. Open Waters is a podcast exploring the intersection of open source technology and digital marketing. It’s made especially for CMO's, Directors, and Managers of Marketing, technology, and digital strategy.

Our Purpose

We think open source is an ocean of opportunity to maximize your martech investment. 

We encourage you to listen and learn about using open source technology and forward-thinking marketing strategy to generate and convert leads, improve security, increase speed to market, and identify the ROI of your digital investments. Our goal is to educate about the challenges and solutions we see with our own clients and in the market.

Welcome to Open Waters - Episode 0 

Dive into our pilot episode!

In this episode:

  • New format, shorter but more frequent episode release schedule.
  • We're taking a different direction from our Mediacurrent Dropcast, no longer focused strictly on Drupal. Instead, we will be talking about the business benefits of open source software.
  • We are going to change up some sections. A little less news, and more about solutions.
  • We will probably still do the Pro Project pick from our Dropcast

Upcoming Episodes:

  •  Ben Robertson, who presented at the GatsbyJS Days conference in December, will join us to talk about the benefits of Gatsby JS.
  • Mario Hernandez will be on the podcast to talk about our upcoming expanded training for components. 
  • We’ll have an episode to talk about how to choose a CMS, whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or any of the other bazillion options.
  • Bob Kepford, you may have heard of him, will be on to talk about serverless 101 and the problems it can solve.
  • We will have Jason Lengstorf from Gatsby on to talk about the project.
  • And much, much more.


Mark Casias: Welcome to Mediacurrent’s Open Waters Podcast, a podcast about open source solutions. I’ll bet you recognize me from other things like the Mediacurrent Dropcast. Along with me here is Bob Kepford.

Bob: Hello, everybody.

Mark:Who you might recognize, and Mario Hernandez.

Mario: Hi everyone.

Mark: Who you also might recognize as well. It’s been a while since we recorded the Dropcast so we decided to make it go away and we’re gonna start with this new one focusing on, probably a brand new format. We’re gonna have shorter episodes and we’re going to knock them out more often than we did, obviously because we stopped doing them.

Bob: Yeah and we're going to change the focus of this podcast away from being strictly Drupal and moving it to more general open source software approach. We’re going to focus on open source software solutions and how you can use them in your business.

Mario: Yeah we’re going to change up some of the sections from the previous podcast and be less about news and more about solutions.

Bob: But we’ll still probably have the Pro Project Pick or some kind of recommendation you can take with you and use.

Mario: We are already excited about the upcoming episodes. We already have some special guests lined up. One of the episodes will include our own Mediacurrent Ben Robertson. He’s got a lot of knowledge about accessibility, React, and Gatsby. He participated in the Gatsby JS Days conference back in December to talk about the benefits of Gatsby, so we’re very excited to talk to him about how Gatsby has evolved in the last year or so, so stay tuned for that.

Bob:We’re also going to interview Mario Hernandez.

Mario: Hey, that’s me!

Bob: Yep, about the upcoming component training that we’ve been doing, see how that went at Drupalcon Seattle, and talk about some of the upcoming dates and locations where we’re going to be doing that.

Mark:I know that I am taking that on the road to DrupalCamp Colorado in August.

Mario:Right, and we’re also already confirmed for Design for Drupal in Boston and most likely BADCamp so very exciting.

Mark:Those are always fun. We are also going to have an episode to just talk about how to choose what CMS is right for you - Drupal, WordPress, Gatsby, there are about a bazillion other options out there, and we’re just going to kind of talk about the approaches we want to take when we solve that issue of what to use to show your content off.

Bob: And we’re also going to interview noted tech luminary Bob Kepford.

Mark: Hah, if you do say so yourself.

Bob: I’m just reading the script!

Mark: Yes yes yes, that you wrote...

Bob: We’re going to be talking to him about serverless and the problems it solves and why you should care about that. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should tune in.

Mario: One of the upcoming episodes that we’re really excited about is we are going to have Jason Legstorf from the Gatsby team talk about all things Gatsby, and we’re thrilled to have him where we are going to discuss all things Gatsby and how you can take advantage of it.

Mark: Yep, and many, many more, hopefully. We’ll keep churning these out as often as we can. If you want to sign up, let us know. But that’s pretty much it for today’s show. Thanks for joining us. If you’re looking for more useful tips and technical takeaways and creative insights, visit for more episodes and to subscribe to our newsletter, and thanks for playing.

Subscribe to Open Waters 

New episodes will be released tri-weekly on Tuesdays.

How Can I Support the Show?

Subscribe, leave a review, and share about us on social media with the hashtag #openwaterspodcast. Have an idea for a topic? Tweet at our hosts Mark Casias, Bob Kepford, and Mario Hernandez. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Links to follow.

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