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Launching an Omni-channel Strategy

Digital strategy -- including UX, content marketing, SEO and localization initiatives -- is key to grow and support NCR’s digital assets.

Wordpress to Drupal: A Strategic Migration

As the first company to make mechanical cash registers and commercialize barcode scanners, NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) has a long history of leading omni-channel solutions. 

To maximize the potential of their new Drupal site, NCR partnered with Mediacurrent to complete a migration on from Wordpress to Drupal and localize the website in 10 countries.



  • 0%

    Increase in average number of sales leads.

  • 0%

    Increase in search traffic.
  • 0

    Number of different languages localized, reaching a global audience.
  • 0x

    Improvement in page load times from the previous platform.
  • 0%

    Custom Drupal theme reduced the weight of the CSS by half and javascript by almost 30%.

  • 0%

    Single-step workflow reduced labor for content editors by half.

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Digital Strategy

Bringing the Brand’s “Big Picture” into Sharp Focus

By mining compelling data to build consensus among NCR stakeholders, Mediacurrent’s Digital Strategy team took ideas from concept to reality, encompassing a comprehensive view of NCR’s entire digital ecosystem. An analysis of NCR’s competitive landscape —from social media engagement and online reputation to keyword rankings and conversion paths— informed brand strategy decisions. Drupal SEO best practices like structured data markup ensure that search engines understand site content.


Improving Site Performance

Mediacurrent created a custom Drupal theme to match the design and layout of the Wordpress site. To reduce the weight of the CSS and Javascript, existing styling and scripting were selectively included in order to have a leaner starting point. Multiple content types and duplicate content were another challenge as pages pulled in several different content types. Mediacurrent scaled this back by about 30%.

By moving to a single content type for the page, rendering increased significantly. Another performance issue was that NCR was contacting the database directly and displaying output, primarily with the product catalog. Not only was the approach insecure and performing very poorly without the option for caching, the team was also spending time writing filters by hand. Mediacurrent implemented a straightforward solution with Views. The built-in caching and filtering capabilities improved site performance, saving time and effort for NCR’s development team.

Going Global

NCR does business in 180 countries. One of their long-term goals is to continue to expand the business globally. 

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Drupal Translation

Closely adhering to Drupal standards and choosing out-of-the-box modules over custom code, a streamlined site architecture eased the translation process.
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International SEO

The Hreflangs attribute, canonical tags, content-language tags, and geotargeting options within Drupal’s Metatag module were activated for SEO on a global scale.

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Right-to-Left Languages

A KSS-driven style guide was a testing ground for UI changes. Leveraging the build tools integrated with the standard theme setup was key to minify the refactoring required to support RTL languages.

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Final Thoughts

Migrating from Wordpress to Drupal improved performance with faster page load times. Drupal’s multilingual capabilities have improved NCR's international presence. From a strategy perspective, the brand is now positioned to focus on omni-channel solutions with a renewed vigor for SEO.

Looking forward, NCR will continue to innovate with Drupal, leveraging Mediacurrent’s development, strategy, and creative expertise to grow and strengthen the company brand.