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Agile Marketing in Open Source

February 5, 2020

open waters

About Steve

​In this episode, we talk with Steve Persch. Steve is the Technical Product Marketing Manager at Pantheon, a WebOp platform for agile teams. Steve began his career in the marketing department of the Lookingglass theatre company in Chicago, managing their website and other digital marketing efforts. From there Steve became a developer working with WordPress and Drupal. After many years in the Drupal community, Steve joined Pantheon in 2015. After four years in Developer Relations, Steve just moved over to Product Marketing.

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  1. Can you tell us about yourself Steve and the company you’re Technical Product Marketing Manager for?
  2. Can you explain what agile marketing is for our listeners?
  3. How is agile marketing different? What kind of performance can organizations expect compared to traditional or textbook marketing approaches?
  4. How does open source software play a role in agile marketing?
  5. Do you have any success stories you can share about how agile marketing has improved a team or client's performance?
  6. How can our listeners get started in agile marketing? What are the 1st 3 steps?
  7. What well-known companies can you think of who are having a lot of success with agile marketing?
  8. For organizations who employ agile marketing, how much success are they having compared to those organizations that haven’t invested in agile marketing?
  9. How do you see the practice of agile marketing evolving over the next 5 years?

Can you name one or two things that are critical to being a successful agile marketer? 

That’s it for today’s show, thanks for joining us!  Looking for more useful tips, technical takeaways, and creative insights? Visit to subscribe and hear more episodes.

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