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Digital Strategy

Dynamic Experiences That Drive Results

We don’t do cookie cutter. Our team goes beyond technology to build highly tailored, strategic playbooks that get the right content to the right people at the right time, driving interaction.

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From identifying Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)  to documenting pre- and post-launch metrics, data will drive how your digital presence evolves.

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Inline with your digital goals, a growth plan will be developed based on audience research and a thorough analysis of your competitive landscape.

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Content drives growth. From intuitive navigation items to SEO-rich meta descriptions, we take a holistic approach to content strategy and the data-driven evolution of your site.

Overview of Services

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Analytics Reports

Our certified data analysts create measurement plans by discovering meaningful patterns, so you can make data-driven decisions.

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Audience Research

Unlike traditional target audience research, our personas uncover purchasing influencers, undefined customer journeys, and indistinct commonalities that transcend typical segmentation.

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Competitor Research

Our digital SWOT analysis helps us detect the one thing no one else is doing in the industry to help you disrupt the market.

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Content Strategy

Content is a crucial part of how we drive conversions and conversations. We use audience research and analytics to find the content that matters to your users.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO means more than keywords here. Our team lives at the intersection between content, structured data, and technical implementation to expand your visibility across global search engines.

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User Testing

From focus groups to one-on-one interviews, tree testing, card sorting, first click testing, and more, we believe in gathering actionable feedback from your end-users.

Acquia Lift and Journey

Ready to Redefine Your Customer Experience?

Targeted customer journeys. Intelligent personalization.

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Working with Mediacurrent has really helped us move our web presence, and communications in general, forward. They’re strong not just on the technical side of Drupal but also have great expertise in digital strategy and project management. We're a small team at Synergos. The Mediacurrent team really helped us drill down on what our current needs are and how to build to meet those needs while setting us up for future growth.

John Tomlinson, Synergos headshot

John Tomlinson

Director of Communications, Synergos

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